Yeshua is the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Joshua.

Iesous is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Jesus.

Theos ... a serenade

The Healing Begins

Everyone has emotions today that are either uplifting or hindering to ones self-esteem. Unfortunately, there may be memories of recurring hurt or acts of bitterness from the past or a present fear that would invade a person's well-being. This is a troubled spirit that’s either suppressed or spontaneously expressed in a cry for help. Yet, the cleansing or healing of these memories hasn't been fully released upon the compassion and forgiveness of Jesus.

Often, the Holy Spirit will reveal the true nature and path of healing that’s been hidden due to suppression or denial of an issue. Albeit, some people have accepted their misery and found solace in the attention given by the caregiver. This has fostered a need to remain the subject of attention and thereby, they’ve found some comfort. Another reason would be the fear of the unknown that causes insecurity or lack of trust on leaving the bitter acceptance of hurt … for the promise of a new beginning. This only prolongs the impoverishment and/or depression, making it difficult to see through the darkness into the light of salvation.

A person's emotional character might masquerade around the situation and/or display a symptom of a deeper hurt. This may include a physical or emotional ailment that’s rooted in one's psyche or (sin) lifestyle. While this motive continues, the illness will cause an imbalance and may change a person's manner in reacting to life experiences, which causes altered life patterns and more hurt. This situation may also affect the way family, and friends react to them. At this point, it’s essential for everyone to embrace compassion and then move forward in faith ... whilst trusting in grace.

Once an individual dares to believe on God's wonder working power and submits to the glorious enlightenment; a quickening process begins to press outward from the depth of ones soul. This person would exhibit or expresses a release of former personality traits: a mixed bag of sorts. This outward expression is a sign of God’s redemptive power working deeply within and thereby, pushing the old character outwards. This emotional disposition must be seasoned by family and friends in loving kindness.

If you're finding this cleansing as a recurring pattern, its time for the refiner’s fire which is a special touch of God. This is an anointed calling by a minister of the faith. This spiritual assistance may also prohibit the deviant actions of another person or suggest another plan of action. Most of all, remember that Jesus loves you dearly.


"Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path."

The Holy Spirit spoke to me about the importance of listening within our soul to hear His voice. It became more-and-more evident that all too often, people tend to use cognition (a mental action) to determine or reason a course of action.

And yes, the Holy Spirit is able to speak to us through education, environment and circumstances by way of our cultural intellect.

As a result, many Christians are untrained in the principle and practice of listening to God's wisdom directly and thereby, in a timely manner.