Theos ... a joyful shout

... faith is the substance of things hoped for ...

"The Lord is my portion," says my soul, "therefore I will hope in Him."

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Yeshua in the temple among the teachers. Those who heard Him were astounded at His understanding and answers.

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Omega Exposé

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As tantalizing and provocative are recent news events, let us keep our focus on God’s plan of action. And so today, be spiritually enlightened and empowered with a steadfast walk of faith — through these troubled times. To reassign our values with an alignment of eternal perspectives. To simply see through current events and thereby, as a stepping stone, entrust ourselves into the abiding light of El-Shaddai (The Almighty Sufficient One). As these days are most alarming and could easily slip into more desperate times. And therefore, let go of misleading assumptions and media wise projections. A hearsay of unethically crafted heresies that would deceive the elect whenever possible. The hidden agenda of sorts — mishmash of news extravaganzas.

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