Theos ... a joyful shout

... faith is the substance of things hoped for ...

"Peace, peace to you, and peace to him who helps you, for your God helps you."


- new beginnings -


She brought the child to Pharaoh's daughter, and he was named Moses. Because, I drew him out of the water.

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- actions on high -

On the question of prayer and ways of reaching divine help. Let us consider the heart of the matter. As to say: prayer could be about our requests, crucial needs and intercessions. And then a time to wait — in the presence for divine guidance. While witness to heavenly interactions of great magnitude that are spoken to the angels. As they are assigned with assurances and interventions for people today. A complete working of God’s grace with great promise. And especially as we walk by faith during the event of these days. Thus, the ministry of angels on assignment. So as to, see beyond an assorted reliance on world entities — by effecting change as in agreement through faith. The aspect of real time prayer as given in Christ, Jesus.

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