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Yeshua is the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Joshua.

Iesous is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is Jesus.

The Lord God
Most High

Theos ... a serenade

Cosmic Choice

There was a time when Jesus walked about in the Garden of Eden and even today, would desire to share this joyous experience to everyone. He is known as the Alpha (the beginning) and the Omega (the end); for all things will be restored and the dark days of human history will be no more. Oh, what a wonderful day to share the splendour of paradise and participate in stellar adventures. This truly is an amazing testament of God's patience — to renew the beauty of creation and reinstate a blissful delight on sharing eternity with us.

There are some who would suggest that space exploration is the beginning of civilizations on other planets. This option is rightly named "mission impossible." The enchantment spins an outwardly scenario of distant horizons through a star gate of endless quests. The soothsayers of this imaginary smoke screen offer an illusion that is beyond their control and therefore, only available at the cinema or video game. An otherworld fantasy for lost souls and nothing more. And unwittingly, some of our youth are drifting away by an allurement that seduces the fancy tonight. They do not realize God's veto and enforcement against spreading sin throughout (the universe) the cosmos.

The world is quickly moving towards an end-time scenario. The powers and advocates of an utopian imagery are allowed to entice and entrap lost souls — to weed out those who have neglected or rejected the way of salvation. Thereby the kingpins and workers of darkness are given false reflections of greater power and prosperity in the new age. Once again, they don't realize the brevity of the tribulation hour. There is no star gate of escape or magical potion to change their doleful destiny of eternity lost. A sad state of affairs; as the opportunity to accept God's salvation is slipping away. There will be a period of time (the millennium) to honour a promise to Abraham and descendants before the glorious new beginning.

I write this today to encourage us about trusting in God's guidance with an honest expectation that helps to prevent, resolve or overcome personal dilemmas and heartaches. Our focus should be on hearing God's voice in a timely manner on making right choices. To envision beyond human eyesight — as unexplainable events are changed favourably through angelic help and spiritual empowerment. A supernatural type of event that is considered unreasonable and doubtful by too many people of worldly persuasion. Rest assured, our Lord reigns and is not surprised or disillusioned by echoes and undercurrents of netherworld voices — the truth sets us free. Once again, the imagery of futuristic adventures outside of God's redemption are fruitless.

We are told that the yoke and burden of Christian faith is easy and light, which is absolutely true. As in the Garden of Eden — Jesus extends His heart in fellowship through faith, hope and agape love. This is the unalloyed message as witnessed by the Holy Spirit in a person's life and therefore, sealed by God's anointing. The mystery of godliness is an ability of regular or average people to move mountains, so to speak. The inimitable ideal is for people to be themselves (untangled) and thereby excel (transcend) beyond human expectations: as we yield to His amiable aspirations, enlightenment and experience spiritual dynamics. A wonder-working power of God's majesty and heartbeat of eternal blessings for each and everyone of us — the song of songs. The genesis (alpha) and endless (omega) adventure — a cosmic choice.


"Ye rejoice greatly with joy unspeakable and full of glory."

Years ago the great evangelist Leonard Ravenhill noted that there are 9 main feathers on the left and right wings of the dove.

He pointed out that there are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit and 9 fruit of the Spirit.

There are also 5 main tail feathers, which represent the fivefold ministry gifts of apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, and teachers.

The tail feathers of a dove are like the rudder of a ship — they assist the balance and direction of flight, just as the fivefold ministry gifts in the church bring balance to the body of Christ.